A wink, a nod and a smile to you

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It’s not often that I am on a bus these days where the passengers thank the driver. This morning I happen to be sitting on the bus to Toronto Airport when after the bus driver’s welcome announcement, the entire bus of about 20 people, unexpected by me, let loose with a chorus of “thank you”.

Why, you ask, is this even worthy of writing about? We live in a world where people are doing things for us all the time whether it be bus drivers driving us, mall workers and toilet attendants in public spaces, ticket sellers, construction crews and more. Unless we are dealing with someone one-on-one, like a cab driver, we rarely acknowledge their work and how they impact our lives positively.

Our societies are like busy ant hives. Every single person’s individual job keeps our cities and communities humming, and while we know that everything everyone does is…

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If only I had known how to save my butt!

Green Elk Blog

5 beginner road cycling lessons I had to learn the hard way.

My trusted steed My trusted steed

This week I completed my first ever 60km ride on my road bike. While my butt was sore from from being in the saddle for a few hours (2 hours and 48 mins to be exact), it was nowhere near the level of pain I experienced after I went on my first few one-hour rides. Come with me on a quick journey of the many lessons I learned by experiencing road cycling as a first timer.

There is one fundamental lesson before we get started for any beginner, anywhere: Ask questions. A lot. If it wasn’t for my friend Ed McNally who helped me choose the bike and then walked me through it all, I do not think I would ever have started. Everything I write is likely incredibly, mind-bogglingly obvious. I am not ashamed to admit…

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How To Track Any Person or Phone | MindPics

SoLoMo Consulting

Cell phone GPS tracking isn’t illegal. In fact, you can see where everyone is just by knowing their number here >> http://t.co/BIlkAldhd7

Source: af22.mindpics.com

When I first saw this article, I thought “I’m not going to tell other people how to spy on each other!”  But it’s really not like that. Mobiles are worth a lot of money, so one of the first things, which I have blogged about before, is you must have a copy of Where’s my Phone or similar on your phone. Whether it is stolen or you left it in a taxi, at work, on the roof of your car, you can get it back.

Stealth Genie is interesting because if your phone was stolen, AND they managed to figure out your pin code or password, think perhaps your teenage children, you can hide your tracking app so that they can’t find you.

Finally, one of…

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Here’s a Gift to Piss Off All Your Tech-Addicted Family Members


This nifty smart device comes with no actual technology! (Realism) This nifty smart device comes with no actual technology! (Realism)

Everybody’s got one—maybe you’re even one yourself: the family member who, for the love of Baby Jesus, won’t put down their smartphone for a single minute to spend some quality time with the family this holiday season.

For that tech-addicted person, we suggest you give them the gift of Realism: the self-proclaimed “smart device for the good of humanity.” For clarification, this isn’t an actual gadget; it’s a smartphone-shaped frame whose large, empty center is meant to emphasize all the real-life things you’re missing when your face is glued to a screen. It’s kind of like Kickstarter’s famed NoPhone, another tech-free smartphone-shaped rectangle.

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